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Command Windows OS X
Boot options (while booting)
Startup/boot Manager F8 Option (alt)
Safe mode F8 - safe mode Shift (from start)
Override auto-login Shift (between boot screen and login screen)
Safe login Shift (after login screen)
Switch from user list to name/password dialog Option+escape, click user
Bypass internal boot disc Cmd-Opt-Shift-Delete
Boot from internal CD/DVD c
Boot into Single User Mode Cmd-s
"Verbose" mode (show console messages) F8 - Enable boot logging Cmd-v
Boot OS X x
Firewire target disk mode t
Netboot (from network) n
Eject CD Left mouse button
Open firmware Option
Diagnostic D
Hardware test DVD required in the drive
Reset PRAM+NVRAM Cmd+Opt+P+R (until extra beep)
Daily stuff
Run something Win+R Cmd+Space
Lock screen Win+L
Lock screen showing screensaver Install LockTight (Use Cmd+Alt+Ctrl+L ie.)
Blank screen Control-Shift-Eject
Sleep Opt-Cmd-Eject or Opt-Cmd-Power
Restart immediately Ctrl-Cmd-Eject
Shut down immediately Ctrl-Opt-Cmd-Eject
Force shut down Hold power button X seconds Hold power button down for 6 seconds
Log out user Shift-Command-Option-Q
Bring up Shutdown/Sleep/Logout Dialog Ctrl-Eject
Eject CD Push physical button on CD drive Hold down eject or Alt-Eject
Eject stuck CD Press paper clip through hole on CD drive front Reboot holding mouse/trackpad button down (or boot and wait 15 min)
Media Center Cmd-Esc
Task list Opt-Cmd-Esc
Save dialogs
Save Cmd+S
Don't save Cmd+D
Cancel Space or ESC
Minimize Cmd+M
Maximize/Zoom -System Preferences-Keyboard shortcuts-All programs-Title:Zoom and Shortcut:Cmd+Ctrl+Z
Hide Cmd+H

Cmd-Opt-Esc = Force Quit menu 
Cmd-Opt-D = Show/hide the dock 
Cmd-C = Copy 
Cmd-V = Paste 
Cmd-X = Cut 
Cmd-A = Select All
Finder Navigation
Cmd-N = New Finder window 
Cmd-W = Close Window 
Opt-Cmd-W = Close all Windows 
Cmd-Down = Open File/Folder 
Cmd-Up = Navigate to parent 
Cmd-Right = Expand folder (in list view) 
Cmd-Left = Collapse Folder (in list view) 
Opt-Cmd-Right = Expand folder and its subfolders (in list view) 
Opt-Cmd-Up = Open parent folder and close current window 
Cmd-Shift-H = Jump to your Home folder 
Cmd-Shift-A = Jump to your Applications folder 
Cmd-Shift U = Jump to your Utilities folder 
Cmd-Shift K = Jump to the Network browser 
Cmd-Shift G = Goto Folder… 
Cmd-1 = View as Icons 
Cmd-2 = View as List 
Cmd-3 = View as Columns 
Cmd-Space = Open Spotlight (OS X 10.4) 
Cmd-Delete = Move file/folder to trash 
Cmd-Click window title = Display the file path
Menu Commands
Shift-Cmd-Q = Log out 
Shift-Opt-Cmd-Q = Log out immediately 
Shift-Cmd-Delete = Empty Trash 
Opt-Shift-Cmd-Delete = Empty Trash without dialog 
Cmd-H = Hide window 
Opt-Cmd-H = Hide Others 
Cmd-N = File New window 
Shift-Cmd-N = New Folder 
Cmd-O = Open 
Cmd-S = Save 
Shift-Cmd-S = Save as 
Cmd-P = Print 
Cmd-W = Close Window 
Opt-Cmd-W = Close all Windows 
Cmd-I = Get Info 
Opt-Cmd-I = Show Attributes Inspector 
Cmd-D = Duplicate 
Cmd-L = Make Alias 
Cmd-R = Show original 
Cmd-T = Add to Favorites 
Cmd-Delete = Move to Trash 
Cmd-E = Eject 
Cmd-F = Find 
Cmd-Z = Undo 
Cmd-B = Hide Toolbar 
Cmd-J = Show View Opts 
Cmd = [ = Go Back 
Cmd = ] = Go Forward 
Shift-Cmd-C = Go to Computer 
Shift-Cmd-H = Go to your Home folder 
Shift-Cmd-I = Go to iDisk 
Shift-Cmd-A = Go to Applications folder 
Shift-Cmd-G = Go to Go-To Folder 
Cmd-K = Connect to Server 
Cmd-M = Minimize Window 
Cmd-? = Open Mac Help 
Cmd-Space = Open Spotlight (OS X 10.4)
Screen capture
Cmd-Shift 3 = Capture the screen to a file 
Cmd Ctrl Shift 3 = Capture the screen to the clipboard 
Cmd-Shift 4 = Select an area to be captured to a file 
Cmd Ctrl Shift 4 = Select an area to be captured to the clipboard 
Cmd-Shift 4, then press Space = Capture entire window
Universal Access
Opt-Cmd-* (asterisk) = Turn on Zoom 
Opt-Cmd-+ (plus) = Zoom in 
Opt-Cmd– (minus) = Zoom out 
Cmd-Opt-Ctrl-8 = Invert Screen colours
Window Management
Cmd-W = Close window 
Cmd-Opt-W = Close all windows 
Cmd-M = Minimise window 
Cmd-Opt-M = Minimise all windows 
Cmd-H = Hide Application 
Cmd-~ = Cycle through windows for current application 
Ctrl-F4 = Cycle through every open window 
Cmd-Tab = Bring up the Application Switcher. 
Cmd-Tab = Cycle Forwards 
Cmd-~ = Cycle Backwards 
Cmd-Shift-Tab = Cycle Backwards 
Cmd-Q = Quit application
F9 = Show all open windows on the screen at once 
F10 = Show all windows for the current application. 
F11 = Shows Desktop 
F12 = Activates Dashboard 
F12 (hold) = ejects disk
Opt-Cmd-D = Show/Hide Dock 
Ctrl-Up = Move up one page 
Ctrl-Down = Move down one page 
Opt-Drag = Copy to new location 
Opt-Cmd-Drag = Make alias in new location 
Cmd-Drag = Move to new location without copying 
Cmd-click window toolbar button (upper right corner) = Cycle through toolbar views 
Ctrl-Cmd-D and mouse over word in Cocoa applications = shows Dictionary description for that word